3 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2020

 I  vividly remember walking into a networking event or conference and feeling horrified. What if no one spoke to me? After all, I wasn't important and no one really cared about my opinion (or any other bullshit I fed myself)

Then something clicked.
I started summoning the courageous parts of myself, cultivating the confidence I needed. Now I fling the doors open when I don't know a soul and walk in like I own the place. 
What if you could show up with even 10% more confidence in a difficult moment?
These are a few simple ways that I use to instantly boost my confidence that really work!
  1. Think of someone you know that’s brave and imagine how they would handle the situation you’re in...and do it!

    Did you know that your body physiology can instantly improve how you feel? So stand up straight - face forward - eyes up -...
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"Take a deep breath and relaxā€¯ and other well meaning bullshit

I stumbled to the kitchen to grab my morning dose of caffeinated goodness and paused.  For some reason today was different and I  found myself staring at the letter board that has been there for months, unchanged. Several months before my husband decided to intentionally post this phrase where I couldn’t miss it. He knew it lit me up so much I could set the kitchen ablaze without even turning on the stove. 


“Take a deep breath and relax.” 


Each time I’d whip myself into a frenzy, found myself venting about the same thing for the millionth time, or brought to uncontrollable tears, I’d hear this phrase. He meant well. I knew he did, but all it did was piss me off. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX? Sounds easy enough, but it wasn’t stopping the cycle:

Get upset→ Hear the phrase I freaking loathe to my core→ Get even more upset→ Repeat

Not to mention that in that state hyperventilation was far...

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Dear Fearless Friend...a letter from your future self

Dear Fearless Friend,

Do you remember the nights you would cry yourself to sleep? The times you put all of that beautiful energy you had into others and never yourself? You just kept pouring into them and the cost was your own self worth and mental health. 

Now look at you! You are transforming. 

You are looking fear in the face and making difficult choices that closed doors so you could open new ones. Opening them invited the beautiful rays of sunshine you’d dreamt of and thought would never break through the clouds. 

Yet here you are. Doing things you once thought were impossible. 


This is just the beginning. You’ve shown yourself it’s never too late. You’ve stopped wishing you could have a life ‘like hers’ and went out and made your own.

Don’t let anything stop you. Tune out those that want to hold you in their grip out of  fear of being left alone. There will always be an obstacle...

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3 Simple Steps to Stop the Self Sabotage

Pull up a chair and let's have a tough conversation...

I recently had a chat with a friend about the potential loss of her job. Like so many, she’s worried about being laid off, money, and the future. 

She’s angry that she’s worked so hard and is being tossed aside. She is concerned that when this blows over that she’ll be unable to find a job because someone younger, without a family, will be willing to work ungodly amounts of hours at a lower salary. She’s spent endless hours away from her family working, working during vacations she has paid for and literally scheduled her life around her job. (You’re shaking your head because you’ve been there...or you ARE there).

Yet among all of the anxiety, worry and anger, she came clean...she doesn’t even like the damn job. What’s lacking? Passion! With passion comes innovation and creativity. 

If you’re struggling to identify your passion, go grab a piece of paper and a...

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