Dear Fearless Friend...a letter from your future self

Dear Fearless Friend,

Do you remember the nights you would cry yourself to sleep? The times you put all of that beautiful energy you had into others and never yourself? You just kept pouring into them and the cost was your own self worth and mental health. 

Now look at you! You are transforming. 

You are looking fear in the face and making difficult choices that closed doors so you could open new ones. Opening them invited the beautiful rays of sunshine you’d dreamt of and thought would never break through the clouds. 

Yet here you are. Doing things you once thought were impossible. 


This is just the beginning. You’ve shown yourself it’s never too late. You’ve stopped wishing you could have a life ‘like hers’ and went out and made your own.

Don’t let anything stop you. Tune out those that want to hold you in their grip out of  fear of being left alone. There will always be an obstacle in some form. You are becoming and that scares them. Do it anyway. 

Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. 

Cheering you on!

Your Future Self



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